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We would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays!

Thought we would give you a brief update as to where we are. Steve's MELD score is officially a 28. Not sure we will get a call soon, but are getting closer. As for the itching it is still as bad as ever, if not worse. We have exhausted all of the medications available. We looked into some "plasma therapy" treatment, where they would "clean out" the toxins from his blood before putting it back in. However this is a very involved IV out patient procedure. We talked it over with both Tx teams from Georgetown and Hopkins and we all feel that it is not worth the risk. Both transplant teams have agreed that the best option right now is to do whatever keeps him comfortable and hope that we get a call.

We are hoping for great things in 2016! As always, thanks for your love, prayers, support and good Mojo!

Hugs to all!

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