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January 27, 2016

Now that Steve has a MELD score of 31, they need to check is blood every week. So he did labs this past Monday (snow day) and Georgetown called him first thing Tuesday morning. They wanted him to come in and be admitted to get a better understanding of what has been going on with his lab work as well as run some tests. So the good news is that Steve is a 31 or maybe even higher tomorrow, depending on the lab results. The bad news is that his blood clotting factors have risen so he needs to be extremely careful with cuts, falls, etc.. They will run a couple more tests in the am and if the bilirubin continues to go down he will be allowed to come home tomorrow. But he will need to take things VERY carefully over the next couple of weeks. With his blood clotting factors on the rise the staff is very hopeful that he will receive an organ offer sooner rather than later.

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