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March 8, 2016

i figured now might be a good time to update this site.

Steve has labs drawn every Wednesday and gets his results from the tx coordinator on Thursday am. This past Thursday he was told that his MELD score went from a 28 to a 40! A 40 is as high as the ranking goes. So we made our way to Gtown to be admitted as they needed to do testing to rule out infection. All of the testing came back negative...which is a good thing. i will save all the nitty gritty details and crazy situations that we were in for another time. The jist of the story is that he is the "King of the hill". He has reached the top of the list!!! So we have been told that he needs "the Cadillac of livers. A Honda just won't do." So we are waiting for THE Cadillac ~ a perfect O type liver.

i know you all have been keeping him in your thoughts and prayers, and believe me we appreciate it! Now we just need everyone to ask for "THE Cadillac" and for it too come soon!!!! Hugs to all! Will keep you posted

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