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The bump

Hello All! We have had a bump in our road. On Wednesday Steve felt some bumps on his shoulder. On Thursday we could see little bumps on his shoulder. On Friday am we went to our fabulous dermatologist....who hoped up on his counter and said " Well this sucks. You have shingles." Which of course we both had figured it was that and not poison ivy, because....well, that is just the way things go for us. But the doctors had already spoken and so we headed to the ER at Gtown to be admitted. Good news, as Steve said "I didn't dilly dally about this"...for once in his life. So we were....okay, we are a team on this, but actually, HE was hooked up to get IV anti-virals. We obviously did one thing right...we got there quickly. Before it had a chance to get anywhere else. Each Doctor that came in told us yea us!

So, you all know HOW INCREDIBLY BAD his itching as he said, take the worst possible case of poison ivy, add a hundred stinging bees and then throw in a couple of stabs by a knife....and THAT is how it feels. He has been in isolation, which means those entering the double door entry to the room are sporting the lovely creamy yellow colored gown and a mask. Let me tell you...sleeping with a mask on in a hospital "bed"...chair that not exactly the most comfortable way to sleep!!!

We hope that he will get to come home tomorrow but will be taking oral anti-virally for awhile. As always...thanks for your love, thoughts,prayers and everything else! It is truly appreciated!!

By the way..... APRIL is National Organ Donation can you help spread the word??? Hugs to all!

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