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Re-Birthday 2016

Nine years ago today at about this time, Patrick "snuck" into ICU as they wheeled Steve in. I was a bit upset because HE got in to see him before I did!!! We (Steve's family who were all with us) had a little chuckle about that. They were "With" us, even if they were not physically there....they were there....Just as they have been with us on this second part of the journey. As much as we are hoping and praying every day that "THE" call comes in...AND it is a GO, today we are focusing on an incredible event that happened years ago. May 1, 2007. The day that Steve's little sister, Nancy gave him life. She gave me my husband. She gave our kids their dad. She gave her siblings their little brother. She did it on her own. We did not even know she was being evaluated until after she found out she was a match. She did it because she loves her brother. She put herself in pain and out of commission for awhile to save her brother. Not a day goes by that I do not think about that. All the things that WE as a family could not have done without her giving this gift. Today, Nancy showed up at the house with brownies and two red roses. She wanted to be with her brother. It was the perfect day, even without the sun shining! We went to Sakura for a Re-birthday celebration. The show was fabulous! We saw new tricks from the chef. The food was fantastic. The best part of all. We were together. If you could take a minute and say a "Thank you" to Nancy or maybe say a little prayer for her we would really appreciate it. She is not only a sister. She is an angel.... We hosted a Blue/Green event on the Town Green in Vienna on April 15th. A friend of mine gave me a necklace that she made for me. The necklace doubles as worry or prayer beads. There are 5 pearls as the center of this beautiful gift. One represents each member of our family. When I told Bailey what Mrs Goyer had said, Bailey then added that the two pearls on the back of the necklace are our angels. One is Aunt Nancy and we are waiting on the other one.....Yes. Nancy is OUR angel. We are so blessed! Hugs and Love to all!!

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