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My apologies for doing such a terrible job on using this site. I had "planned" on updating EVERYTHING that had gone on up to that point. BUT a phone call changed my plans! Instead of updating, we threw our bags in the car and headed out 66 at 3pm, along with a few other hundred people. We made it to UVA by 6 pm. Enough of that...bottom line... Steve has been given a new life!!!!!! Some generous family gave us life again. We are no longer.....just waiting! Are in recovery! Steve is doing fantastic! Amazing to see how quickly he is changing back to "our" Steve.

I will try and do better or hopefully go back and fill you in on our journey. But I just wanted people to know that all their positive thoughts, mojo and prayers worked!!!!

Please keep the donor family in your thoughts and prayers. Hugs to all! Diane

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